inK Shadow Support

Our Approach

inK Shadow Support will:

Determine the extent your child needs

Shadow Teachers may be appointed ranging from two (2) to five (5) school days on a minimum six months basis with the approval of the school that the child is attending.

Select a Shadow Teacher

With the right qualifications and experience to meet your child’s unique individual learning needs.

Appoint a Case Manager

To manage your child’s case and establish the communications channels between parents and Shadow Teachers.

Our Shadow Teachers will:

  • Work with your child on his/her learning goals.
  • Facilitate the relationship between classroom teacher and your child by encouraging him or her listen for instructions, participate in class activities and communicate his or her needs.
  • Encourage your child to build friendships with his or her classmates by coaching him or her to respond appropriately in a social environment.
  • Encourage independence by guiding your child into new tasks without support.
  • Provide regular feedback to parents on the child’s progress and happenings in school.
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