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Frequently Asked Questions

Shadow’s Role

Does my child need a Shadow Teacher?

Children with learning difficulties often experience challenges in mainstream schools and require the guidance of Allied Educators or other professionals other than the classroom teacher. A Shadow Teacher is a trained professional who helps children with special needs successfully integrate into a mainstream school environment and learn effectively.

Conditions such as high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder, speech and language disorders, mild cognitive deficits and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder may cause some children to struggle in a classroom setting. However, when these children are given the right level of guidance and support, they can also thrive in a mainstream environment.

How can a Shadow Teacher help my child?

The Shadow Teacher provides academic support to these children by filling gaps in their learning process and ensuring they stay focused in the classroom. Besides preparing the children for class, the Shadow Teacher will also guide them using suitable learning approaches and help them focus on important concepts.

Beyond academic skills, a Shadow Teacher plays an important role in helping children develop social skills and build confidence interacting in a classroom environment. The Shadow Teacher encourages children to approach the classroom teachers for help when needed and guides them to respond appropriately to classmates in social situations with the goal of equipping them to adjust to social situations as well as to develop and maintain friendships.

A Shadow Teacher is the bridge between the child and the class teacher by helping him or her understand the child’s challenges and learning needs.
The Shadow Teacher works closely with the school’s Allied Educator, Speech and Occupational Therapists and the Education Psychologist to ensure that learning goals are implemented in the classroom to bring about better development outcomes.

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